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Why this website

The site has a three folded nature: is an online organized archive, a review of short (and less short) comments on the material archived, and an Online forum on EU State Aid Law.

The idea of the site stems from the desire to create and share an organized archive of primary and secondary law, case law, scholarly thoughts, abstracts of full scientific articles.

The "posts", which can be
- the skeleton of a future article which one plans to develop in the future for publication in a scientific journal;
- the abstract of an article already published in this way (which this way can be given more visibility); or
- a short description of the directive, regulation, national legislation Commission decision, EUCJ or national court Judgment;
will be all stored and indexed, ready to be retrieved and searched when needed. 

The site can also provide an external window for the results of more detailed discussions on the topic, which can be made ​​public through the site. wants to be an open platform available to all those who - in the diverse fields of activity - are interested for business or personal interest in State Aid Law. A place in which scholars, researchers, students, public officials at EU and Member State, or regional Level, private practitioners, and anybody interested can have a dedicated place where to exchange ideas and information, store them, and find them ready when needed.

Through cultural exchange we want to contribute to the quality of the work of the institutions themselves, filling the invisible gap which sometimes causes friction and problems in the relationship between institutional actors (Communitarian, national and local), and between them and the world of business and the professions.

As regards, in particular, fiscal state aid, the site was started as follow up of a PhD research, and shares the coordinator and this web space with the Observatory on Fiscal State Aid of Bologna University's SEAST.